In addition to sale and rental activities, ORICOM SRL has a highly-specialized staff, exclusively devoted to post-sale and technical support in our workshop or on the construction site.



Furthermore ORICOM SRL has a large stock of original and national spare parts such as filters, seals, pipes, bushes, linchpins, electrical components, tracks, tires, slewing rings, drive wheels, idlers, transmissions, water pump, engines and any other part required for the repair and maintenance of the machineries.



ORICOM SRL has also equipments and spare parts inspected and used (see the list of USED PARTS or USED EQUIPMENTS).



ORICOM SRL provides and installs equipments and tools for any machinery, regardless of the size and category, in order to improve the quality and productivity of our customers’ work.



Hydraulic hammers, hydraulic shears, polyp grabs, crushers, crushing buckets, screening buckets, plate compactors and special buckets are just  examples of the various equipments that ORICOM SRL provides to our clients.



Thanks to the experience and competence of our staff and to the collaboration with professional enterprises, Oricom SRL is able to provide all our customers with prompt and accurate responses.



For additional information please contact: ricambi@orimec.it

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