In the last replica watches two decades

In the last replica watches two decades, Panerai has grown so much beyond the very first offerings it had when it was first acquired by the Richemont Group to challenge the description; The company has done everything from some of the most underrated travel cars in the industry to perpetual calendars, astronomical clocks and practically everything you can think of. Panerai watches have become not only the functional tool and diving watches that originally made the brand famous among enthusiasts, but also pure design exercises and now there are so many different variations on the original theme that you can find all this that you might want the catalog - from functional diving watches to serious complications and everything else.

Still exists and has, and probably always has been, two Panerai watches: Radiomir replica watches uk with its fins and echo from the very first professional and military diving watches (not to forget, watches like the Submariner and Blancpain 50 Fathoms are the sequel to others world war sabotage and combat diving bells) and, of course, Luminor, with its distinctive and irresistible lever-driven crown locking system. Both have such strong identities that the variations in these themes over the years have proved inexhaustible, but the design and basic functions of the original models still have a strong appeal.

Panerai has just announced that it has created a limited edition - Luminor Submersible Automatic Steel PAM00731 - which will be offered, in an interesting turning point, not at authorized dealers or Panerai stores, but rolex replica exclusively through the online e-store Panerai. Most of Panerai's main collection is also available for purchase online, but this is the first time they offer a limited edition for e-shops only